IoT – Setup of Raspberrypi – Step-by-Step

Step by Step guide to setup the Raspberrypi.

  1. Insert the SD card and connect the Raspberry pi with the power source, Ethernet and display screen.
  2. You will get the colored screen and a popup to install the raspberry pi os “Raspberrypi Full”. Select the option and install the OS. It will take 10 – 15 min to install the OS.
  3. After completion of the installation, it will restart and we need to do a little bit of configuration.
    Set the Country, Language, and Timezone for the first time when you start the Raspberry Pi Desktop.
  4. Setup the Password of Raspberry Pi Desktop which you need to use later for ssh connection.
  5. Need to do a couple of more configuration on OS to enable SSH, I2C for later use.   
  6. Now you can connect to the RaspberryPi using SSH via terminal. To get the IP you need to run the command “ipconfig” in the terminal which you need to connect the RaspberryPi.
  7. From your laptop, open the terminal and type “pi@[ip address]. It will ask you to enter the password.
    Use the same password which you set at the time of the Raspberry Pi setup.
  8. Once you get connected with the RaspberryPi via ssh. you can install the Docker on Raspberry pi for later support via SSH command line.
    use “curl -sSL | sh” to install the docker on the Raspberry Pi









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