Setup environment for Python and ML

Follow the following steps to install the required packages on your development machine.

  1. Install Chocolatey – The package manager for Windows (Chocolatey – Software Management Automation)
  2. Run cmd as admin on your system

Install the rest of the software using chocolatey.

  1.  To install the Python using choco
               C:\> choco install python
  2. To install the anaconda distribution which include all the major packages for ML and deep learning using choco
              C:\> choco install anaconda3
  3. Install pip using choco
             C:> choco install pip
  4. To install tensorflow using pip
             C:>pip install tensorflow
  5. To install PyCharm editor for python programming
            C:> choco install pycharm


Now your machine have all the major tools required to start Machine learning.
Happy Coding….

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